National Baptist Convention USA, INC.

State Theme:

"Building a House of Worship Unto God"

Isaiah 66:1

Theme Song:

"Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy"

BSH Pg.555

About Us

The objective of the Convention shall be the promulgation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the organization and maintenance of the Missionary Baptist Churches in West Virginia, and the encouragement of a missionary zeal among them, and the establishment of profound interests in all Christian endeavor necessary for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the world. by fostering the “Hilltop Project”, denominational unity and activities, which create the opportunity for expression in denominational, moral, and Christian concerns by Baptist constituents and to support the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. in the promotion of its objectives and the strengthening of our denomination.

Located at Hilltop West Virginia, right off of Route 16, nestled on over 20 acres of land, this facility was built and organized for the purpose of worship, education, and fellowship for the constituents of the missionary Baptist churches in the state. The facility has a 3 floor building, where all sessions are held, a 16 room hotel, dormitories for camps, camp grounds, campfire with seating area, swimming pool, trails, primitive camp grounds and 2 ponds.