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State Theme:

"Building a House of Worship Unto God"

Isaiah 66:1

Theme Song:

"Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy"

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Commission on Evangelism

2019-2020 Members
Chariman – Charles Blackmon
Co-Chairman – Philip Copney
Nathaniel Carey
Herman James
David Bell
Charles Collins


Rev. Charles Blackmon, Chairman

2019 Outreach to the Church

Greetings to the Churches in the Wondrous and Precious name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the intentions of the WVBSC Evangelist Commission’s purpose and vision for the churches of our state in assisting you in continuing to do the work of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the State of WV.

In this year of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 2018, we the Evangelist Commission have proposed an outreach model that each church can implement in their own way to enhance the evangelistic ministry in your church on a quarterly or yearly basis. This model is called the “T.V.A. Winston Outreach Ministry”. Rev. Winston created and formed this model for our churches over 30 years ago, and God has led us to use it, upgrade it, and make it available for you today. This model is simply the “Reaches of the Church” as we ask ourselves, How far or to what extent can the church reach? Below are the four reaches of the church “With the Help of God” that are to be implemented:

The Inward Reach
The Outward Reach
The Upward Reach
The Downward Reach

Each Reach is specifically designed to assist and enhance the Church’s “Pastoral” vision and not to bypass it. Each reach can be formed and shaped in various ways. As we know that each church in its own community may be different, this model can be adjusted to work and enhance the overall vision of the church. Each reach can be used differently or in whichever quarter that the church is lead to use it, and each church can use what method they choose in order to reach their specific goals for that quarter or for that year. It does not have to be in the order designed above. You can implement the downward reach first, or the outward reach second or third, but they are designed to give the body focus and vision to implement reachable goals, and monitor the progress of those goals. Here are a few examples that each reach intells:

The Inward Reach is designed for the church to look at the basic structure of the Church. What the church needs inside or outside its building. What the church can do to make church easier and more comfortable to attend; This is a physical reach. This reach would include the building fund, which was designed for the work of the building. For example, better parking, classrooms, what can be done to the sanctuary, or ramp, elevator, ect. Anything that the church needs physically done to its facilities that would make church a more relaxing place to attend. Goals would be set and met for this reach.

The Outward Reach: Is designed for outreach; Reaching out into the community to see the potential of how many members could be attending your house, or assessing how many unsaved in your community that could make Jesus their choice and your church their main body of fellowship and worship. The outward reach is just that, reaching out. Making an assement of the community, and finding innovative ways to reach the unsaved and the unchurched. Weather its creating a quarterly or yearly program that is designed to let people know in your community that your church is available, and that they are welcome to come and worship in it, or just simply passing out tracts in the community for the purpose of saving souls. The outward reach can be designed with specific goals, small or large, but with the intent to reach out. Revivals, community gatherings, using tracts, are all a part of outreach. The goal for the outward reach is for the local church to make an assessment of the potential unsaved and un-church, and to bring them in.

The Downward Reach: Is designed for the personal preferences of each church member; In the downward reach, the goal is for the church member to search inwardly; Within themselves, to reach down on the inside and to make personal goals, to seek and search as to what ministry God has for them within their local church. This reach is designed for the church to set aside a time within the calendar year to reach downward. So often, we give members jobs to do in the church that does not line up with the talents and gifts that God has given them, and so often they end up not serving in the capacity in which God has designed for them to serve. The downward reach is designed for the individual member to take an inventory of themselves, asking themselves along with working with the Pastor, as to how better can I serve the church that the Lord has placed me and the ministry I am under, knowing that this is the place “God” has placed me to serve. The downward reach works on the individual. Programs can be designed to help the individual in their personal search, such as retreats, fasting, and praying.

The Upward Reach: Is designed for the church to focus on reaching upward in their form of worship and praise; We often take for granted that worship and praise comes automatic, but according to Revelations, chapter 4 proves that they had a form of worship. This reach is design to enhance the way we worship and praise, and the way the church approaches Worship Service in the Church. This can include Bible Study, Prayer Meeting, and Sunday School. How can the Church enhance all the above? What can we do to make the Morning and Evening worship better? This is what we ask ourselves, and then we make answers according to the Worship environment and experience that we have before us. This reach may include ways of singing, preaching, praying, and making an assessment of what we use in the worship service, such as instruments soundtracks. We take all of this in account and ask ourselves how we can enhance it, or make improvements, realizing that only with the help of the Holy Spirit the worship can truly be a rewarding service.

As we said earlier, this is just a model for each church to use, there are many more ways this model can be used, and we just named a few in order to give you an understanding of the overall model. The Evangelist Team is willing and able to come in and help each church in the initial stages of setting up and or all components of these reaches; We will only come if you call, but we have members who are readily available in assisting you. This model has been used and proven in various churches around the States, and we look forward in seeing your church grow. It is the goal of the WVBSC Evangelist Commission to turn a different page in our effort in sincerely helping our constituents, and this is just one phase in doing it.

If you need additional information, feel free to call us at (304)469-3737 and ask for the Evangelistic team, or email us at We will be prompt in our response.

May God Continue to Bless You

Rev. Charles E. Blackmon,
Evangelistic Chairman