National Baptist Convention USA, INC.

State Theme:

"Building a House of Worship Unto God"

Isaiah 66:1

Theme Song:

"Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy"

BSH Pg.555

Our Facility

S. A. Abram Building.

5 Classrooms

  • Classroom Seating Capacity is 18-20

C. H. Payne Auditorium

  • Seating Capacity is 500

J. M. Arter Dining Room

  • Seating Capacity 200

Andrew & Nannie Payne Pavilion

  • This pavilion has a picnic seating area that will hold 300 people with 4 cooking grills and two bathrooms with four shower stalls in each. Has a complete kitchen with dishwasher and laundry facilities.

This three two story dormitory has 10 queen size double beds rooms and 2 king size bed rooms. The top level is two furnish apartments with all the amenities.

  • Big Creek-Cook Dormitory
  • Queen size double bedroom
  • King size bedroom
  • Flat Top Dormitory
  • Perkins Dormitory
  • Mt Olivet Dormitory

All dormitories have the same type of bunk beds with beds for two counselors in each dorm.